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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cinnamon is the Winner for crossing the Blood Brain Barrier

A question came up about why my daughter didn't herx while doing wormwood, clove and artemisia when treating for Babesia. 

She has returned back to school after missing 4 years of school due to Petite Mal Seizures from the parasites that attack the brain with Babesia. After treating with Cinnamon on and off for 5 months she is ready to go back to school. Let me say that last year, her freshman year she tested out at 4th grade math and English. A year later with absolutely no schooling she tested out again. This time Ore algebra and sophomore English

The difference is definately evident her Babesia has been eradicated by the Cinnamon!!  Praise God!!
For the Cinnamon that worked for us!

Here is some info a dear friend posted...

Babesia  primarily is a parasite that infects the red blood cells (just as bartonella is bacteria that infects the red blood cells).  When you contract either of these bugs - overall, the red blood cells have a diminished capacity to uptake oxygen....  this in turn translates to less oxygen getting to the muscles, organs, and the brain.  So having either of these bugs, you are essentially slowly suffocating yourself from the inside-out. :/

So all the main symptoms that go along with babesia & bartonella are:
- shortness of breath
- increased overall stress levels
- anxiety (chronic & acute)
- heart palpitations
- seizures
- white matter lesions appearing on MRI images of the brain
- the list goes on and on.....

All seem to be strongly tied, not so much with having those bugs per see - but more because they are indirectly causing oxygen deprivation (which are necessary by all organs to function properly, most of all the brain!!!).

So yes, some bartonella & babesia are able to get into the brain - but their favorite spot to hang out is in the blood.  While the favorite spots of lyme and a few others, is to get as far away from the blood as fast as possible.  Red blood cells are by default designed to carry oxygen, but too much oxygen kills lyme (and all other anaerobic bacteria).  Accordingly, this is while lyme like do drill into places like cartilage, soft tissue, and especially the brain (there's limited oxygen in these places).  But by also having bartonella and/or babesia as co-infections, they make the problem even worse - because they directly limit the amount of oxygen that one's body is capable of absorbing through the lungs into the bloodstream.... (in extreme cases, knocking the absorption down by 50%!)

Cancers/tumors also prefer locations with low oxygen as well - too much oxygen kills all types.  Even MS, in over 80% of the people that have this disease - when they die, later during the autopsies when they actually test their brains they find lyme, syphilis, or other types of spirochetes/bacteria.....  For several years now there's been an MS surgical treatment that widens the blood vessels in the neck.  It still is widely a debated treatment for MS, mainly because alot of the doctors can't explain 'why' it works.  But for me it's always made perfect sense, if over 80+% of MS is actually caused by bacteria in the brain.  The procedure to make the blood vessels in the neck wider, and indirectly allows increased blood flow to the brain.  Increased blood flow - means increased oxygen to the brain, which ultimately leads to an increase of the killing off of the underlying bacteria that's causing the MS in the first place.

But all these specialists 'seem' to not be able to put 2 & 2 together, or maybe they have figured it out - but are still in denial that the majority of MS is caused by bacterial infections.  

Needless to say - I haven't come across any research even to remotely test this hypothesis!

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